Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trick or Tweet

I love Twitter, but for me, here comes the ugly:

If you don’t already know, there are a  number of aps that allows tweeters to preload their account and send the tweets out during peak following times.  Buffer, SocialBro and IFTT are mentioned in the attached article by Jeff Haden.

According to Haden, users can just use Buffer to “make announcements at a specific time, to send time-sensitive tweets like for limited-time offers, to communicate when your followers are most likely to notice.”

Using SocialBro, along with Buffer, you can see who is online, monitor a specific group of users via Twitter lists and monitor search terms. Ultimately, according to Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich, you can “boost click through rates up to 200 percent,” by sending tweets during high peak periods.

Installing Buffer with a browser extension and you can choose a buffer option to schedule your retweets. 

Using IFTT (If  This, Then That) connects two Web services together. IFTT also works with a variety of services, including Google Reader, texts and Instagram. According to Haden, you can “Take a lot of photos in a short period of time and you’ll machine-gun your tweets.”

Okay, I love this from a marketing perspective. I can see how  it could improve my future professional life, should we move into Twitter at work, but my heart sinks at the automation, nonetheless.  No more real time, a little less real. 

Somewhere in the world I am sure that aps are tweeting aps with some sort of tweet monitor analyzing the data to feed back content with a filtering algorithm  - no humans involved!

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