Sunday, 19 February 2012

What are they saying about us?

This week we looked at the social network monitoring software  that help organizations determine who is saying what and know when to jump in or change gears with their strategies. We were asked to look at two free services and one paid.

Comes in both a free and inexpensive model (at $5.99 a month, I’m going to consider Hootsuite a free option.) Through Hootsuite, users can keep rack of their Twitter follower growth, track Twitter mentions and gain insights into who “likes” them on Facebook.

According to their website, you can:

  • create custom reports from over 30 individual reports
  • track brand sentiment, follower growth
  • incorporate Facebook Insights and Google analytics all without leaving the dashboard
“The dashboard allows you to create a tab for each of your accounts and allows you to do things like schedule and send multiple tweets from different accounts at the same time. A Hootlet Bookmarklet allows you to tweet from anypage you are reading.”
(source: Michael Grey)

Adam Troudart likes the fact that it is easy to get information on any of your contacts, that you can see the number of retweets of any of your tweets.

Pulls content from a variety of sources:
Social mention pulls content from approximately 80 user generated content like blogs, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube.

Provides details on what is being said about your term:
Type in a term and, if you like, specify which sites you'd like information from, and SocialMention curates a dashboard showing all kinds of information regarding what's being said about it.

Provides a score of your term based on four factors: strength (frequency), sentiment (ratio of positive to negative mentions), passion (likelihood that people mentioning the term will use it more than once), and reach (unique number of users mentioning the term divided by the total number of mentions found). read more
Provides a daily email alert service

See its dashboard

A service you can pay for....
Scoutlabs $249/month
According to Jason Falls, Scout Labs is a self-serve, web-based tool priced for small to mid-sized business and brands  It is comparable to Radian6, but half the price.

 “scans blogs, forums, Twitter, news, photos, videos, open social networks and more,
Scout Labs takes all of that data, counts it, trends it, analyzes it, scores it for sentiment and extracts interesting customer quotes and emotions to present what customers love, hate, want, wish, think, and feel about a brand right now.”
Ways the product benefits social media campaigns:
  • Brand Mentions: you can measure the number of mentions in key channels going back six months and compare data sets.
  • Visualization: generate quick graphs for comparison to industry and other brands. Identify areas of success and for development.
  • Collaboration: Workflow features allowing assignment of post to anyone on the team for quick action. Also, quick save of items of note.
User profile
Scout Labs is designed for use by extended teams across an organization – Everyone can tune in, collaborate and jump into conversations with customers

For a comprehensive overview, see Demain La Veille


  1. I am going to take a look at Scoutlabs, although as a company we use Radian 6 now.

    1. It looks worth a try to me. Obviously there are great reasons to buy a good and reliable service. Like not having your blog crash twice while you're trying to post on Sunday morning...

  2. The thing I like best about Hootsuite is the ability to schedule tweets. This is great for a business for a number of reasons: 1) you can create a series of tweets that lead up to a special deal, event or something along those lines, 2) you now have more time for lunch because all your tweets are prescheduled and sent as per your chosen dates and times!


    1. I love the idea of scheduling your tweets!

  3. Yes, Hootsuite looks great for that. Looks like it has a bit of everything. It's also low cost, but presumably has the commitment of the company behind it. Might be a bit more robust than blogspot, for example. It took me atleast two hours to post that piece due to some sort of glitch. I had been warned.
    I also love the owl :) Who can resist that?

  4. Great post. Thanks for posting about Hootsuite. I've used it in the past for managing different social profiles, but I wasn't really aware of the analytical capabilities. I will definitely check it out ...they are cheap, too!

  5. thanks for mentioning Hootsuite.