Sunday, 22 January 2012

A blessing and a curse

As I delve into the explosion of social media tools, I am astounded by the innovation and creativity through which they are used. I really love Twitter for its potential to create positive change - greater transparency, an honest news feed (or atleast one that is unfiltered by corporate interests), its use in crisis communications.
Sometimes I am a little unsettled by the way some platforms, which appear at first to be benign mediums for social interactions, have opened the doors to so much marketing, while somehow managing to label it organic. It's a wierd dilemna for someone who works in public relations!
Maybe I just have something against Starbucks I loved the Skittles campaign
I haven't really sorted out how individuals really steeped in social media find the time to do anything but stay current. Is that why so many people are stuck to their smartphones? I guess I answered my own question.


  1. Hi Shannon - Have you ever seen the Skittles social media campaign that didn't do so well a few years back? I actually referred to it in the discussion form this week. They had their corporate website redirect to their Facebook page, which opened them up to a lot of user created content. Needless to say, it was basically defaced. Here's more info on it:

    Your blog looks great!

    - Pilar

  2. Hi Pilar, Thanks for that. I read it and can't believe it. Better them than me. Cheers, Shannon