Monday, 30 January 2012

How I selected my reading list

First of all, I chose blogs that were easy for me to understand.  I am new to this and am eager for the facts in clear language, free of too much industry lingo. Secondly, I chose blogs I thought I would want to read.
I looked for simple page layouts, photos and even a touch of humour. The last thing I enjoy is something that sounds too stiff or corporate-like. Any writers that touched on real life situations definitely inched up their appeal by doing so.
I started with a recommended list of top 10 or top 100 PR blogs and chose.  After that I thought it would be interesting to choose some from Britain and Australia, to see if location still mattered.
Others I picked up while I was researching and I liked what they had to say or were suggested by friends.
I’m still examining my strategies as I read the feeds, though I find the sheer volume of reading  and digesting all the new material a challenge.  It will be an ongoing process.
Some of the blogs I chose and why:
Stuart Bruce – not the usual corporate stuff! Informative and relevant and I loved the picture of him with his family with the elephant. That was probably the clincher.
Chennai Social Media – found it while researching. It’s full of practical tips on how to use existing vehicles well.
Chris Abrahams – I came to it for the language, I’m sure. It’s clever. It’s also a bit complicated for me and one that may fall of the list in future.
Influential Marketing   - Informal language, good information, photos. Love it.
Media Culpa – I was probably attracted to the name. It appears to be a good source of information. I’m going to keep reading it.
Social Media Marketing – I chose this because it’s made it Britain and I wanted to know what’s different coming out of the U.K. vs. the U.S.
Strategic Public Relations – not sure I’m going to stay with this one. With everything out there, it seems to be lacking the personality of some of the others.
The Buzz Bin – interesting content. I like its style and format.
The Intangibles – This is a no brainer. Of course I want to hear what Boyd is telling the world. I also like the informal language, photos and humour.
The PR Warrior –  I chose it because it is Australian and I wanted a different viewpoint. I liked it right away for its personality and the smiling face right at the top.  I’m not that complicated.
The Wall - I chose this one again for its foreign content and so far, have not been disappointed in the content.

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